Rol­tec has a well-equipped labor­at­ory and an exper­i­ment­al pro­duc­tion line for the pro­duc­tion of photo­vol­ta­ic cells in thin-film tech­no­logy. With­in these resources and thanks to a highly qual­i­fied team of spe­cial­ists and sci­ent­ists, we carry out tasks com­mis­sioned to extern­al entities.

As part of com­mis­sioned tasks, we carry out commercially:


Applic­a­tion of thin lay­ers by thermal evaporation 

Device: Moor­field MiniLabLT60A

Applic­a­tion of thin lay­ers by mag­net­ron sputtering 

Device: Moor­field MiniLabLT60A

Applic­a­tion of thin lay­ers using chem­ic­al baths 

Device: Depend­ing on requirements

Optic­al spec­tro­scopy in the range of 380–1100nm

Device: Fil­met­rics F10-RT

Spec­tro­scop­ic meas­ure­ments in the integ­rat­ing sphere 

Device: Rera QE 5000

Quantum effi­ciency meas­ure­ments of sol­ar cells 

Device: Rera QE 5000

Meas­ure­ments of the ele­ment­al com­pos­i­tion of sub­stances using plasma spectroscopy 

Device: Spec­truma GD-OES

Sur­face mor­pho­logy meas­ure­ments (rough­ness, topo­graphy, step height) 

Device: Fil­met­rics Profilm3D

Meas­ure­ments of elec­tric­al para­met­ers of high-res­ist­ance mater­i­als (con­duct­iv­ity, square resistance) 

Device: Mit­subishi MCP-HT 450

Meas­ure­ments of the effi­ciency of photo­vol­ta­ic cells in STC (AM1.5G spec­trum, A+AA class simulator) 

Device: Enlitech SS-X160R

Micro­scop­ic obser­va­tions — elec­tron micro­scope, com­pos­i­tion ana­lys­is using the EDS detector 

Device: Ther­moFis­cher InspectF

Meas­ure­ments of cur­rent-voltage char­ac­ter­ist­ics of semi­con­duct­or devices (diodes, cells, tran­sist­ors, etc.) 

Device: Keithely 2600 series

Sur­face con­di­tion ana­lys­is (activ­a­tion energy) 

Device: Kruss mobile sur­face analyzer

XRF meas­ure­ments in the range of 0–50keV

Device: Spek­tro XEPOS III

Numer­ic­al ana­lys­is of the res­ults of optic­al meas­ure­ments (cal­cu­la­tion of dielec­tric func­tions), elec­tric­al, mor­pho­logy, etc. 

Rol­tec pro­pri­et­ary software

Micro­scop­ic obser­va­tions — elec­tron micro­scope, SE or BSE mode (mag­ni­fic­a­tion, depend­ing on the mater­i­al up to 100,000x)

Device: Ther­moFis­cher InspectF

Micro­scop­ic obser­va­tions — optic­al micro­scope (up to 1500x, obser­va­tions in light and dark field) 

Device: Zeiss Axi­olab 5

Com­puter mod­el­ing of semi­con­duct­or devices, pro­cesses and effi­ciency of sol­ar cells 

Rol­tec pro­pri­et­ary software


Laser struc­tur­ing of thin lay­ers using 532nm or 1064nm waves. xy accuracy<30um

Device: MASTER1 GSGP 532 pico­second laser

Glass lam­in­a­tion with EVA foil (up to 12mm thick­ness, max­im­um lam­in­ate thick­ness 50mm) 

Device: Fang­ding Mekanika

Meas­ure­ments of the effi­ciency of PV mod­ules in the range of 0–150V, 0–2A, in STC conditions 

Device: Hoenle SOL 2000 RF2 EPS

Meas­ure­ments of the effi­ciency of PV mod­ules (any range allowed by stand­ards), under STC conditions 

Device: Metrel 3108 Eur­otest PV

Basic glass pro­cessing (max. format 120x60cm): cut­ting, edge blank­ing, drilling 5mm holes 

Device: Drill Glass-tech WD‑1

Con­trol and meas­ure­ment tests of photo­vol­ta­ic installations 

Device: Metrel 3108 Eur­otest PV

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