Your career at Rol­tec begins with the recruit­ment pro­cess. From our point of view, it is import­ant that each recruit­ment is ideally suited to both your and our needs. The steps in our hir­ing pro­cess are there to ensure this.

At Rol­tec, we work com­pre­hens­ively and these are also our goals. We are always look­ing for new tal­ents to join our team. Togeth­er, we strive to cre­ate an envir­on­ment where every­one can use their full poten­tial and will be accep­ted for who they are. Work­ing at Rol­cec is an oppor­tun­ity for devel­op­ment. We offer vari­ous train­ing pro­grams to help you reach the next level in your career.

We invite you to apply for the pos­i­tions whose cri­ter­ia you meet in the advert­ise­ment. There is no strategy to build a good applic­a­tion — it’s what kind of per­son you are the most import­ant thing. How­ever, to make it easi­er for you to apply, find out the details of the recruit­ment stages:

Applic­a­tion to the program

It’s great that you want to join us! To make sure that your applic­a­tion has reached us, we will send you an e‑mail con­firm­ing that we have received your CV.


We get acquain­ted with your exper­i­ence, edu­ca­tion and interests. If your applic­a­tion suits our needs, expect a phone.

Phone call

Dur­ing a short tele­phone con­ver­sa­tion, we will ask about exper­i­ence, expect­a­tions and avail­ab­il­ity. We are also eager to listen to and answer your questions.

Recruit­ment meeting

Dur­ing the face-to-face meet­ing, you will meet the depart­ment man­ager and the HR rep­res­ent­at­ive. We will talk in detail about the work­place, your exper­i­ence and mutu­al expectations.

Com­ple­tion of the recruit­ment process

It’s time to make a decision, some­times we’ll invite you to take part in a case study or for an addi­tion­al inter­view, all to make you feel com­fort­able in your new role.

Feed­back — Onboarding

If everything went well, we wel­come you on board. You are one of us, we will be happy to share our know­ledge and exper­i­ence with you.

Stay con­nec­ted for our future job open­ings.
Send your CV to the address

Where are we hiring?


At Rol­tec, we speak Pol­ish and Eng­lish. How­ever, wheth­er the inter­view will be con­duc­ted in Eng­lish depends largely on the team to which we recruit and the people invited to the inter­view. In such cases, we always inform you in advance that the inter­view will be in English.

The dur­a­tion of the recruit­ment pro­cess depends on many factors — but we usu­ally try to respond to sent applic­a­tions with­in 2–3 weeks. In the case of recruit­ment inter­views, we always inform you about the time when we will return with feedback.

Work­ing at the R&D Cen­ter takes our poten­tial and cre­ativ­ity to a high­er level, and helps build our unique work cul­ture. We prefer to work on site. How­ever, we remain flex­ible when it comes to work­ing remotely, depend­ing on epi­demi­olo­gic­al cir­cum­stances and oth­er factors. All our spaces where we work are com­fort­able and modern.

Yes, we pub­lish all vacan­cies for all vacan­cies avail­able to extern­al applic­ants on our vacan­cies page.

Yes, you can apply to any pos­i­tion that you deem suit­able for you. We are also happy to keep your applic­a­tion for the pur­poses of future recruit­ment, so as to match your exper­i­ence and skills to the tasks at the work­place and give you the oppor­tun­ity to develop.

Yes, we invite you to sub­mit your CV. We will be happy to come back to it when there is a vacancy tailored to your application.